Florida Condemnation Appraisal


Since 1985 our firm has handled eminent domain cases statewide in Florida. Our main office is in Fort Lauderdale. Eminent Domain occurs when a government agency or utility company (condemnor), takes or threatens to take private property for public use, typically road widenings. In Florida, an owner has the legal right to, and deserves to have an appraisal done on their behalf to estimate Full Compensation. The appraisals may be updated for negotiation, mediation, and trial purposes as needed.

I have been working as a real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain for 20+ years. As your appraiser, I work to estimate Full Compensation due you, as the owner, for the taking of your property (whether whole or in part). As you may know, my professional services are billed to the condemnor,(typically state or county) at the conclusion of your case, be it by settlement, mediation, or trial.

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, since 1991
Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, since 1987

Court qualified as an expert witness in the area of real estate appraisal.

*73.091 Costs of the Proceedings.--

(1)The petitioner shall pay attorney's fees as provided in the s. 73.092 as well as all reasonable costs incurred in the defense of the proceedings in the circuit court, including, but not limited to, reasonable appraisal fees and, when business damages are compensable, a reasonable accountant's fee, to be assessed by that court. No prejudgment interest shall be paid on costs or attorney's fees.

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